The 5th Summer Camp for Future Biomedical Asian Scientists

19 Jul 2019

On the morning of July 19, the 5th Summer Camp for Future Biomedical Asian Scientists came to an end.

Summer Camp for Future Biomedical Asian Scientists is jointly sponsored by Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJE) and Scientific American. The purpose of this summer camp is to inspire more young students to gain exposure to and love life science and discover more future leaders of biomedicine. Held from 14th July to 19th July, this summer camp was six days long.


The closing ceremony was presided over by Ye Chen, Vice Dean of ZJE. ZJE Dean Prof. Hongwei Ouyang, ZJE Vice Dean Prof. Linrong Lu and President of Scientific American Zongzhou Chen attended the closing ceremony. The camp closing ceremony was divided into three parts: review, speech and awards. 



First, Prof. Hongwei Ouyang outlined the grand blueprint of biomedicine for the students. In the future, the life span of human beings will continue to increase, body functions need to be optimized and upgraded, and a large number of young people are needed to fill the talent shortage in the health industry. Prof. Hongwei Ouyang encouraged every student to have the confidence to look at the world, to be brave and diligent, with the goal of "ideal and national responsibility", to grow and evolve into a happy person, to do something meaningful!



Scientific American has been to inspire young people's interest in biomedical as own duty. President Zongzhou Chen in his speech recalled the exclusive interview with Mr. Zhenning Yang, where Mr. Yang discussed that scientists need courage and persistence, courage is particularly critical. President Chen said the road of science is rugged, and he wished all the children a brave and fearless life.



 Prof. Linrong Lu said to students that, it is very happy to be a scientist, and how fulfilling it is to solve unsolved problems as a lifelong career. He also shared that there is no data that fails in experiments, only wrong methods, and that accepting the unexpected is what makes science interesting.



Subsequently, four students came on stage to share the experience of the week, there is laughter, there is perseverance,  and every word has created resonance in the student audience. While each student's image is fresh and unique, it is the passion for biomedicine that brings all of them here.



Finally, in the awards, we prepared participation certificates for each camper, and selected 4 excellent papers according to the submitted works. Also based on the results of team presentation, we selected 1 group gold award, 2 group silver awards and 3 group bronze awards. Prof. Hongwei Ouyang, Prof. Linrong Lu and President Zongzhou Chen presented certificates to the students.



List of awards:
Initials of last name in alphabetical order

Outstanding Paper Award
Tairan Cheng-How to apply microecology to guide wound treatment
Yu Dai-Islet chip research ideas
Songli Du-Application of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine
Wenqi Ma-HIV - related treatment within host cells should be combined with traditional directions of vaccine development



Group Gold Award
Yufan Mai; Shouyi Wang; Jixuan Liu; Yu Dai; Jiacheng Wang



Group Silver Award
Linhang Lv; Xiele Wang; Limin Sun; Tairan Cheng; Yintong Zhou
Yimei Luo; Qiyi Yu; Qingrui Wang; Ji Sun; Chenyu Wang



Group Bronze Award
Yuqing Shi; Andi Zeng; Zihan Wang; Xuehao Yu; Annian Zeng
Xing Yan; Yi Liu; Yingshuo Yang; Zifei Ye; Yuchen Zhao
Haolin Xin; Yuanfan Yu; Yu Sun; Dilireba· Maimaitili; Songli Du

We hope that every student has gained a lot of knowledge and has a better understanding of biomedicine in the summer camp, and ZJE can be the place where your dream starts.