Chinese Corner Launches

10 May 2018

A weekly meet up which encourages students to practice their language skills has been officially launched on campus.

Named ‘Chinese Corner’, each international student taking part is given a Chinese speaking partner who will spend time talking with them and working on their language skills. Students will discuss different topics each week and will have the opportunity to share their own experience, present their views and deepen their understanding of each other’s cultures.

The first-week discussion was all food themed and students were encouraged to discuss some of the dishes they have tried in China and explain more about some food they miss from home.

students gathered together for chinese corner

The meetings are sponsored by the Language Centre of the International Campus, which opened early in the semester. The centre provides classes for staff and students in English language and Chinese languages and runs masterclasses for specific subjects.

Jyunhong Lu, Director of Chinese Language Program said: “The idea of Chinese Corner is to have a space for intercultural communication on campus. Where people can practice Chinese, share experiences and ideas, and meet new friends. The Chinese Corner is running every Wednesday night and we welcome everyone to have a nice, casual chat with us.”

students talking during chinese corner

‘Chinese Corner’ will take place every Wednesday 19.00 – 20.30pm in the Hai Club at the International Campus with snacks and drinks provided. The met ups are designed for students with intermediate Chinese level.