Closing Ceremony of “Discovering Asian Leaders in BMS” Competition

27 Jul 2018

Closing Ceremony of “Discovering Asian Leaders in BMS” Competition

ZJU-UoE Institute (ZJE) played host to the 4th annual “Discovering Asian Leaders in Biomedical Sciences” competition last week, which officially concluded on Saturday.


ZJE Vice Dean Chen Ye presided over the closing ceremony, with ZJE Dean, Professor Ouyang Hongwei, ZJE Vice Dean, Professor Linrong Lu, Scientific American President Mr Chen Zongzhou, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Professors Ma Jun, and Zhou Yiting, and Deputy Director of the Education Centre of China Science and Technology Museum, Ms Lu Ying all in attendance. 

Vice Dean Chen Ye asked the participants to review what they had experienced and learned in last five days of the competition and spoke highly of the excellent performance of everyone during this time.

The competition lasted 207 days from start to finish, with the final participants competing for the last six months to win a place at the five day final event.Participants came from all over the country, spanning different backgrounds and ages, with some travelling back from as far as the United States to take part. All students showed their true passion for biomedicine.




The competition comprised of 3 first prize winners, 5 second prize winners, 7 third prize winners and 15 honorable mentions. 




First prize winners:
Qingyang Wu, Yuwei Guo, Lin Zhan


Second prize winners:
Shujing Zhou, Zheng Wang, Jingxiao Gao, Yiran Ke, Baichuan Zou


Third prize winners:
Zixi Wang, Haiyue Yang, Feifei Long, Haoyu Fan, Xun Xu, Guohao Liu, Rukeye·Kehaer


Honorable mentions:
Ruoxi Zhao, Haoyu Nie, Hanyue Zheng, Jianfu Cao, Yuchen Liu, Zheming Zhang, Lushan Wang, Jiahui Guo, Yujie Zhou, Yuxiang Gao, Xinying Zhong, Xingchen Zhu, Haoxi Xie, Wenkai Liang

In the short five days of the final, the contestants listened to cutting-edge lectures from experts within the biomedical science field, participated in scientific research experiments, observed and wrote their own experimental reports, and presented and communicated their projects and achievements in front of ZJE Professors and participants. There were lots of emotions over the week, with many participants saying that they had left with new long-life friendships, and a certainty for their futures.



Mr. Chen Zongzhou, President of Scientific America, who was one of the organisers of the competition, expressed his appreciation for the continuous growth of the contest, and also said he was excited by the future of the biomedical sciences field and all of the participants involved. 

Lu Ying, Deputy Director of the Education Exhibition Centre of China Science and Technology Museum also gave a speech. This was the first year the museum joined the competition as one of the key organisers. She expressed her surprise at the enthusiasm of the young people for scientific research, and praised ZJE as a top platform for biomedical science. 

Professor Ouyang Hongwei closed the ceremony saying: “I hope you will continue to grow up with: 1) the power of self-awakening gained through this competition, 2) the combination of knowledge and practice 3) the "ideal and responsibility" of rejuvenating the country with science and technology, and continue to grow and evolve into happy people who do something meaningful.”





 Student representatives finished the competition by sharing their own experiences on stage. Each expressed their love for biomedical science, their enjoyment of the competition process, their gratitude to the organisers and teachers and their hopes and expectations for the future.



ZJE Institute hopes that the participants go on to become the ‘future leaders’ in their fields and wishes them every success for their development within biomedical sciences.



Thanks to the members of the Competition Committee
Chairman: Ouyang Hongwei
Vice Chairman: Zongzhou Chen, Linrong Lu, Qingqing Wang
Committee Members:Ye Chen, Yuehai Ke, Suhong Xu
Scientific American Team, China Science and Technology Museum Team

Thanks to the Professor and Expert Steering Group
Gracjan Michlewski, Sam Kunes, Zhijian Cai, Guoqiang Chen, Jianzhong Chen, Xiao Chen, Xin Chen, Xuequn Chen, Yihui Cui, Chenfang Dong, Zhi Hong, Hailan Hu, Junfeng Ji, Jie Jin, Lijun Kang, Fuyou Li, Xiaoqing Liu, Linrong Lu, Hongjin Lu, Jun Ma, Zhuoxian Meng, Jianwei Niu, Ting Gang Chew, Shuang Qiu, Wei Qiu, Jimin Shao, Bingui Sun, Jie Sun, Hao Wang, Di Wang, Qingqing Wang, Wei Wei, Han Xu, Suhong Xu, Fan Yang, Wei Yang, Xiaoming Zhang, Xue Zhang, Yan Zhang, Shufang Zhang, Jingwei Zhao, Yiting Zhou

Thanks to the ZJE Administration

Zhiguo Ye, Xiaohan Huang, Shuang Liang, Di Liu, Jiangtao Lin, Xiaoliang Yu