Notice of mid-term assessment, annual assessment of ZJE PhD programme and Ph.D. student stipend adjustment in 2019

30 Sep 2019

According to the “Implementation Measures for the Mid-term Assessment of Ph.D. Postgraduate Students in Zhejiang University (Trial Implementation)” (Zhejiang University Release, No. 22[2012]) and "Notice of Zhejiang University on increasing stipend for Doctoral Students" (Zhejiang University Release No. 81 [2014]), the relevant matters will now be addressed to supervisors and PhD students.


I. Mid-term Assessment of PhD Students

1. Examinees

One year after entrance to the Ph. D. programme, the PhD students will be assessed in autumn 2019.


2. Assessment Contents

The mid-term assessment of doctoral students of Science degree is assessed by a weighted score which is composed by course marks (30%) and research ability (70%).


3. Assessment methods

The results of core courses are provided by the ZJE Office. Research competence assessment is based on the comments of an assessment committee. Each doctoral student will be assessed by giving a research presentation for no less than 20 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes Q&A.


4. Marking Scheme

The mid-term assessment results are mainly divided into three levels: excellent (top 20%), qualified and unqualified. If a single item of core course results and research ability evaluation fails to meet the eligible criteria, it shall be deemed to be unqualified.


Among them, for a small number of doctoral students with outstanding scientific research achievements, if they have published articles in TOP journals, they will be directly recommended as “Excellent” by the assessment committee, ranking them into the top 20%.


5. Doctoral students who fail to pass the mid-term assessment may apply for next year. Doctoral students who are still unqualified after re-assessment should be diverted, i.e. eliminated or converted to master students (among which graduate students who are directly engaged in doctoral studies should be converted to master students in accordance with the relevant provisions of the university).


6. The mid-term assessment process is carried out online. Doctoral students must log in to the "Zhejiang University Graduate Education Management Information System" and enter relevant information (personal information, assessment committee name list) in the mid-term assessment interface. After the supervisor's review and the ZJE's review, the system will export the assessment results to the ZJU Graduate School. According to the results of the mid-term assessment, the ZJE will adjust the stipend and deliver a scholarship to 20% top Excellent PhD Student, and deposit them in the academic files of doctoral students. Please fill in the form carefully, and the supervisor should review it in time and treat it seriously.


II. Adjustment of Post Grants for Doctoral Students

1. Adjusting objects:

Full-time Chinese Ph.D. student entry the programme since 2018.


2. Stipend Standard and criteria:

The stipend for doctoral students consists of two parts: the school's contribution and the supervisor's contribution: 3,050 yuan/month (1,500 yuan/month from supervisor and 1,550 yuan/month from university) before mid-term assessment. After passing the mid-term assessment, it will be adjusted to 3,850 yuan/month (1,500 yuan/month from the supervisor and 2 350 yuan/month from the university); those who fail the mid-term assessment but still retain the doctoral qualification will be issued according to the pre-assessment criteria; those who fail the mid-term examination and no longer retain the doctoral qualification will not be delivered stipend anymore.

Students who have passed the mid-term assessment will begin to adjust the standards of stipend from September 2019.

Students applying for postponement and re-assessment shall adjust the stipend standards from the month of passing the assessment.


3. Scholarship for excellent PhD

The Zhejiang University sets up a scholarship for 20% top doctoral students to encourage them who show outstanding potential competence in research.

The candidates should be Ph.D. candidates who have passed the mid-term assessment and qualified as excellent Ph.D. The amount of subsidies is 10,000 yuan per person.


(Please notify that: 1. The authorship of scientific research achievements must be Zhejiang University; 2. The students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international students do not participate in this scholarship application.)


4. Adjustment methods and proportions:

According to the number of PhD students assessed and the results, the ZJE Assessment Committee determines in principle the number and list of scholarships for top 20% students. In addition to the adjustment of the monthly stipend, the university will deliver the scholarship of 10,000 yuan to them.


III. Assessment Schedule

1. Before 11th October: Ph.D. students are required to fill in the mid-term assessment form online and export it after they have completed the mid-term assessment form (at the same time, the form should be reviewed by their supervisor). Students of annual assessment are required to fill in the annual assessment form. At the same time, photocopies of relevant certification materials such as published papers and award certificates are provided and submitted to the administrative office of ZJE.


2. Before 18th October, the ZJE will set up an mid-term assessment committee (which requires more than five qualified personnel with doctoral supervisor qualifications, including at least two external examiners (not from Zhejiang University), and the external examiners must be doctoral supervisors of high-level universities of institutions) , publicize the name of committee on website and arrange for assessment interview.


3. Before 23rd October, the ZJE completes the online review of the submitted mid-term assessment by students, and filled in the mid-term assessment summary form, the mid-term assessment and the annual assessment results sorting summary form according to the assessment results.


4. Before October 25, the ZJE Assessment Committee approve the mid-term assessment and annual assessment results, the list of PhD students with adjustment of stipend and the list of excellent PhD scholarship, and then submit the lists to the Graduate School of ZJU.


IV. List of submissions

Doctoral Mid-term assessment Form (Systematic Export) or Annual assessment Form

Copies of articles, award certificates and other related materials



1. "Zhejiang University Graduate Education Management Information System" mid-term assessment student interface: PhD students type personal information, assessment committee list (the first name should be the Chair of the Committee).


2. Doctoral students can no longer modify from the student interface once the ZJE administration review and approve the submission. If the students really need to modify, they should contact ZJE for "rejection" and submit the amendment to ZJE for review again.


3. Contact and more information: Jie Zhou 0571-87572818, zhouJie