Students Show Off Their Singing Talents

25 Apr 2018

After facing stiff competition in the auditions and semi-finals, six students made it to the grand finals of the International Campus Singing Competition on Saturday 21 April. Held in the Bell Tower Square, students and staff gathered to watch the singers battle it out for the winning title.

student singing on stage


student singing on stage

All the students involved brought their own personal flair to their performances during the first round which involved a solo session from each singer. The judges were on hand to review the performances including International Campus Vice-Dean K.C. Ting.

student singing on stage


audience with lights in the dark

At halftime, the audience was treated to a b-box, hip-hop mash-up performance from the campus band.

During the second half of the competition, the stakes were increased as singers were placed into pairs and had to work together to create the perfect duet – while showing off their own unique talents.

students singing in pairs

All singers gave spectacular performances, but it was eventually Dinara, an international student from Kazakhstan who stole the competition.

All students in the singing competition standing together

Dinara 1st place - PME
He Jiafan 2nd place – Chemical Engineering
Wu Xihang 3rd place – Electrical Engineering

All singers:
Han Ziyuan – Biomedical Sciences
Yu Yuqi -  Mechanical Engineering
Wang Yuqi – Chemical Engineering


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