Three faculty members of ZJE obtained funds of Zhejiang Province Natural science foundation

06 Dec 2018

Zhejiang Province Natural Science Foundation recently issued a notice that Dr. Xin Xie (associate professor), Dr. Xudong Yao (postdoctoral fellow) and Dr. Wei Wei (postdoctoral fellow) of Zhejiang University-The University of Edinburgh Institute all have projects supported by the Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation Program in 2019.


The winning programs are

Dr. Xin Xie: Role of nuclear receptor COUP-TFII in colorectal tumorigenesis- Key Program 

Dr. Xudong Yao: Packaging and transfer of exogenous mitochondrial DNA via extracellular vesicles delays stem cell senescence- General Program

Dr. Wei Wei: Study of joint-paints based on chondroitin sulfate for superficial cartilage defects of osteoarthritis repair - General Program


Zhejiang Province Natural Science Foundation carries out strict double-blind review, replaces the traditional centralized review with email review, and the selection of review experts is randomly selected by the computer according to the research direction. Under this strict evaluation system, these three faculty members who obtained the fund in our Institute reflect the excellent research strength of ZJE's scientific research team!