Haining Life

The International Campus is situated in Haining, within Zhejiang Province under the jurisdiction of Jiaxing. It is only 35 minutes from bustling Shanghai and 20 minutes from the beautiful Hangzhou. The city has a population of around 806,000 inhabitants and is known mainly for its leather industry, science park, colourful lanterns and spectacular tide in Qiantang River.

Map of China, with Haining highlighted

Haining was voted into the top 10 of the Forbes survey of mainland China top county-level cities in 2017 and has also been named 18th in the China top 100 cities list (China centre for information industry development).

It is a growing city, with new stores and hotels being built every day. New, high-end stores like Prada and Gucci are making their way into the city, with its growing international community.

Alongside the beautiful old town, Haining also has a range of tourist spots including large shopping malls, the leather markets, cinemas, museums, gorgeous parks and a variety of bars and nightclubs. You can find out more about things to do in the local area here.


Haining began to be inhabited almost 6000 years ago. During 770-476BC, it became part of the State of the Wu and then belonged to the State of the Yue before coming under the State of the Chu. In 1295, the county was promoted to be Yuanguan Prefecture. As the sea often encroached upon the prefecture via the Qiantangjiang River, the area was renamed Haining Prefecture in 1329 in the hope of calming the waves (in Chinese, “hai” means sea and “ning” to calm or pacify), and it remains so today. Following the founding the PRC, the area became Haining County, and then Haining City in November 1986 with the approval of the State Council.