Our Campus

Zhejiang University International Campus is located to the north of Juanhu Park in Haining, covering 200 acres. It is an extraordinary international community full of creativity and potential. Here, you can not only enjoy international level liberal and professional education but also have the opportunity to work with partners around the world, in a rich and colourful life to fully tap and develop your potential. You can find more information in the map below, or in our 3D virtual map.

image of campus map

In the following video, our students take you on a virtual tour of the campus:

Food services

Our campus currently has three food services: our large canteen, Halal restaurant, and our fusion café.

The canteen offers a large mix of Western and Chinese style food served daily. The Halal restaurant offers a variety of halal food and has late opening hours. You will be required to purchase food using your campus or guest card. If you are planning to visit the campus, please let us know so we can set up your visitor card – the canteen does not accept cash payments.

The Fusion café serves teas, coffees, hot chocolate and a variety of light sandwiches and cakes. This is a great place to get some work done and relax. The Fusion café is open 11.00 – 10.30pm every day.



All students on campus will live in one of our four residential colleges. You will be provided with a private, single room which has storage, a desk, and a bed. You will have shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. 

Campus clinic

There is a medical clinic on campus that offers ordinary medical services to faculty and students. They are open for emergencies 24 hours per day.

Main medical services include treatment of common illnesses, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment, and blood and urine routine examinations. Temporary treatment of cuts, swelling and pain relief will be provided when minor accident injury occurs. If X-ray or other inspections are needed, we will offer you advice. If serious injury accident occurs, it is better to dial 120 - the emergency number.


The campus supermarket has essential supplies that include toothpaste, laundry soap, dish soap, washcloths, towels, stationary supplies, fresh fruit, milk, chips, sodas, and candy. The campus supermarket accepts campus ID card, cash, local debit card, WeChat, and Alipay. Hours: 7:30 -21:00 (holiday business hours will vary)


As a student of ZJE, you will have access to a wide range of library resources, from books and journals to electronic databases and articles.

Two students sitting in library reading

The construction of our international campus library began in 2015 and was officially opened in September 2017. Next to the Bell Tower, the library is one of the landmarks of International Campus, Zhejiang University. By the northeast side of the Central Lake, it is an elegant three-floor octagonal building, which occupies a land of 9606 square meters, with six hundred seats and thousands of books.

You can find out more information on our library services here.


The gym offers a variety of quality equipment and is open from 9am to 9pm each day. The swimming pool is also open from May to September each year. There are a large number of sporting facilities on campus including badminton courts, football pitches and more. You can book these facilities for personal use at any time. 

Running track


You can find more details at Campus Operation and Service.