Dr Ayo Majeokudunmi

Dr Ayo Majekodunmi is a post-doctoral research scientist in the Welburn Research Group at the ZJU-UoE institute. Her research focuses on the epidemiology and control of vector-parasitic diseases such as human and animal African trypanosomiasis and tick-borne diseases. She studies the interactions between environmental, socio-economic and biological factors and how these act as drivers of disease and influence implementation of control measures. The aim of this research is to further the One Health and Global Health movements by tackling Neglected Tropical and Zoonotic diseases (NTDs, NZDs).

Dr Christine Amongi Acup

Dr Christine Amongi Acup obtained her PhD degree at the University of Edinburgh, and went onto work as a post-doctoral researcher within the University. Her supervisor is ZJE Institute Executive Dean, Prof Sue Welburn. Her research interests lie in studying the trypanosomiasis problem which is a neglected tropical disease (NTDs). Her motivations are to contribute towards improving livelihood among the resource neglected and vulnerable populations, and she is greatly inspired by how lessening the impact of NTDs contributes directly to improving the health (and livelihood) of the world's developing countries.

Dr Xudong Yao

Dr Yao obtained his pharmacy PhD degree at University of Auckland. Afterwards he continued his research at University of Auckland and Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Dr Yao focus on his postdoctoral project of development of novel drug delivery system to protect bioactive macromolecules through the barrier to reach the targeted tissue. Dr Yao has published 5 papers as first-author in his research field.

Dr Wei Wei

Dr Wei graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology as PhD in tissue engineering. Dr Wei is interested in special 3D scaffolds construction for cartilage repair and regeneration. The purpose of his postdoctoral study is to design a “joint-paint” system which will repair cartilage defect in a simple way. Dr Wei has already published more than 20 papers with a total citation of 265 as a young scientist. 

Dr Xiaozhao Wang

Dr Wang obtained her PhD degree in Materials Science at Zhejiang University. Her postdoctoral research interests are fabrication of biomimetic ECM microenvironment of bone-cartilage junctions and its applications in osteochondral repair and regeneration.

Dr Enateri Vera Alakpa

Dr Alakpa obtained her PhD degree in Cell Engineering & Metabolomics at University of Glasgow in 2014.  Her research interest focuses on elucidating interactions that occur at the cell-material interface in order to design and/or improve biomaterials for applications in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. She has currently published 10 papers in international first-class academic journals.

Dr Mingxu Zhang

Dr. Zhang obtained his Ph.D. degree at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research mainly focused on the establishment and study of HIV/AIDS non-human primates animal models. His postdoctoral project is the study of multiple sclerosis and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. He is interested in the function and the regulatory mechanisms of CD8+ regulatory T cells in the autoimmune diseases.

Dr Belinda Loh Wei-Ching

Dr. Loh completed her PhD in Biochemistry at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology. Her research focused on protein complexes that are crucial in the Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Pathway. After her PhD, Dr. Loh pursued an interest in membrane protein biochemistry and worked as a postdoctoral scientist at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. Her research at the ZJU-UoE Institute continues to focus on membrane proteins and how they function. She has published altogether 11 publications in prestigious journals among them Molecular Cell, Genes & Development, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Dr Wei Xu

Dr Wei Xu got the Ph.D degree at Tsinghua University. His research interest is to illustrate the mechanism of how to inhibit cancer cells metastasis and resistance. During the Ph.D, he focused on the studying colon cancer metastasis. At present, he is exploring the reason why nuclear PTEN can suppress tumor metastasis and drug resistance.

Dr. Lingyan Jia

Dr. Lingyan Jia obtained her PhD degree in Tea Science at Zhejiang University. Her postdoctoral research interests are the mechanisms of multi-drug resistance of tumors. At present, she is exploring the function and mechanism of nuclear PTEN protein in tumor drug resistance.

Dr Muhammad Saif Ur Rahman

Dr. Saif has obtained his PhD degree in Oncology at Zhejiang University. During PhD his main focus was to investigate the drug resistance mechanism and discovering novel signaling pathway in Gastric Cancer. His postdoctoral research interests are the role of cancer stem cells (CSCs) and epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) in cancer drug resistance. He has published altogether 15+ research publications in SCI impact factor journals.

Dr Chenglin Li

Dr Li obtained his PhD degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics at Zhejiang University. His research mainly focused on the high mechanical strength hydrogel for tissue repair and regeneration. His postdoctoral project is the study on high strength bio-ink materials for precision printing.