Mitochondria, autophagy, and neurodegeneration

Mitochondria, autophagy, and neurodegeneration

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Mitochondria, autophagy, and neurodegeneration

Prof. Chao Tong

Life SciencesInstitute, Zhejiang University

Dr. Chao Tong’s major research interest is to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration diseases. Particularly, her lab is interested in how organelles such as mitochondria, autophagosomes, and lysosomes contribute to neuronal homeostasis. They aim to identify novel players and to define molecular pathways in neural maintenance by using Drosophila as a model system. They also applied these discoveries to the higher organisms. In this talk, she will introduce stories about Miga, a novel mitochondrial protein that is required for neuronal homeostasis. She will talk about how Miga regulates mitochondrial dynamics; how Miga functions as an ER-mitochondrial contact protein; and how Miga modulates autophagy processes. Dr. Chao Tong is supported by grants such as “The National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Young Scholars Program” and “The National Natural Science Foundation, key program”. She serves as an associate editor of Science Bulletin and board member of Biophysical Society of China, membrane biology branch and mitochondrial biology branch.


Date and Time: 30th Nov. 2022

14:00-15:30 Academic Consultation

15:30-16:30 Meeting Room Online

Host:Dr. Zhi Hong