Circular RNAs: subtypes, functions, and related mechanisms

Circular RNAs: subtypes, functions, and related mechanisms

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Circular RNAs: subtypes, functions, and related mechanisms.

Prof. Ge Shan

School of Basic Medicine, University of Science and Technology of China (In transition). Run -Run Shaw Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University

Prof. Ge Shan have been focused on the study of noncoding RNAs for their regulatory roles in the flow of genetic information. His lab has identified new noncoding RNAs (e.g. MecciRNAs, EIciRNA, 5S-OT, ASAT siRNA, tiny RNA, p53R175H Aptamer RNA), and have revealed functions and novel functional mechanisms of these ncRNAs. Shan lab have explored methodologies of utilizing noncoding RNAs (e.g. p53R175H Aptamer RNA and human 5S-OT) to modulate the expression of genetic information. Dr. Ge Shan have published research articles as the senior corresponding author in journals such as Developmental Cell, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, PNAS, Science Advances, and Nature Communications. These studies have been highlighted in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Reviews Microbiology, Science Editors’ Choice, etc. Dr. Ge Shan is supported by grants and professorship to top young Chinese scientists such as “The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars” and the National Leading Scientist of the “Ten Thousand Talent Program”.


Date and Time: 9 Nov. 2022, 15:30-16:30

Room A203-1, ZJE building

Host:Dr. Lingfeng Meng