Breast Cancer Precision Medicine

Breast Cancer Precision Medicine

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Breast Cancer Precision Medicine

Dr. Lim Yoon Pin

Ningbo Health and Industry Research Institute

Dr Lim was a professor at the National University of Singapore, founder and chief scientific officer of Oncotec, an in vitro diagnostics startup, before he was accorded the national high-level talent award by China. He joined the Ningbo health and industry research institute in Feb this year. 

Dr Lim owns 10 patents with 4 being licensed and/or commercialized. He published more than 60 peer reviewed papers and secured more than 10 million SGD as a PI and more than 30 million SGD as a co-PI. He is one of the global leaders in WBP2 oncogene research. He will share his scientific journey and findings of more than 10 years, starting from the discovery of a novel breast oncogene to its potential utility in early detection and precision medicine of cancer.


Date and Time: 22nd Mar. 2023

14:00-15:30 Academic Consultation

15:30-16:30 Room A203-1, ZJE building

Host: Ting Gang Chew