Nonadipogenic Role for Adipocyte Precursors

Nonadipogenic Role for Adipocyte Precursors

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Nonadipogenic Role for Adipocyte Precursors

2.Speaker Name and Position and Institute:

Bo Shan (闪波)

Principal Investigator, Institute of Translational Medicine

Zhejiang University

3.Speaker introduction:

Dr. Bo Shan is a Principal Investigator at the Institute of Translational Medicine of Zhejiang University. The primary research focus of his group is to understand pathogenic mechanisms underlying metabolic diseases. Focusing on elucidating the mechanisms the mechanisms that elicit metabolic inflammation in adipose tissue and liver, his previous work has demonstrated the pathologic importance of metabolic tissue microenvironments as follows: 1) identifying the critical functions and underlying mechanisms of perivascular cells in initiating the formation of physiological and pathological microenvironment in adipose tissue; 2) illustrating the key role of macrophage ER homeostasis in regulating the pathological microenvironment in obese adipose tissue; 3) revealing the function of the ER stress sensor IRE1α in driving hepatic inflammation. The results of his work have been published in high-profile journals such as Cell Metabolism, Nature Metabolism, Nature Immunology, etc. Dr. Shan’s research is supported the National Natural Science Foundation and Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

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Prof Jian Liu

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2022/12/22 Wednesday 3:30pm-4:30pm