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National High School Talks Take Place


ZJE Dean Prof. Ouyang visited two of the top high schools in Hangzhou today: Hangzhou Xuejun High School and Hangzhou High School, to give a talk on Biomedical Sciences. And, after the talk, he had a short meeting with vice presidents of the two high schools.   

Dean Hongwei Ouyang


Pro. Ouyang said: “For future talent, there is no competition, only a revolution of new era-people who must innovate and renew themselves. Do not compare with others, but focus on ourselves, in order to achieve more.”

He stated that the students should build up their strengths during undergraduate study, carrying this through with them throughout the rest of their careers.

Students listening to a lecture

Prof. Ouyang then showed science fiction movie clips, explaining that some were created with the correct scientific supporting evidence at the time, but since have been aligned with scientific discoveries. Biomedical science develops rapidly, which means humans know more now than ever before, and will continue to achieve breakthroughs.

ZJE will be touring local high schools to help inspire the future generation of biomedical scientists, as well as to promote the institute.