• CBS

    Centre for Cellular Biology and Signalling (CBS)

    Convenors: Zhi Hong and Mikael Bjorklund

    The Centre for Subcellular Biology and Signalling will focus on building a dynamic and comprehensive understanding on how organelles and other subcellular structures are organised and function in health and disease. In recent years have seen a tremendous increase in understanding cellular functions, in part due to the technical advances in super-resolution microscopy and genome editing. The centre will support research that systematically explores how the cell self-organizes to maintain cellular health using multidisciplinary approaches, including super-resolution imaging, mechanobiology, biomedical informatics, protein modelling, proteomics and molecular biology. We aim to inspire people push the boundaries of human knowledge of microscopic world, and fully devoted to connecting this knowledge to clinical need. Centre members have a shared research interests in function and interplay of various subcellular structures, in particular mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, cytoskeleton and the centrosome and have strong expertise in C. elegans as an in vivo model.ZJE: Zhi Hong (Organelle crosstalk in nanoscale and contribution to cell homeostasis); Ting Gang Chew (Mechanobiology of the cytoskeleton); Chan Kuan Yoow (Centrosome signalling and cell cycle regulation); Lingfeng Meng (Signaling from DNA to organelles to Neuronal gap junction in organismal aging); Suhong Xu (Organelles in membrane repair); Mikael Bjorklund (Scaling of organelles with cell size for maintaining cellular homeostasis during aging) Affiliated: Mike Shipston, Paula Brunton, Laura O’Hara, John Menzies, Joanne Murray, Michael Daw Partners: SAHZU, UoE and ZJU Medical SchoolsPartners: SAHZU, UoE and ZJU Medical Schools 
  • RCT

    Centre for Regeneration and Cell Therapy (RCT)

    Convenors: Wenwen Huang, Yuan Yuan

    The Centre for Musculoskeletal Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy serves as an interdisciplinary collaborative research pipeline from fundamental biomedical discovery to clinical implementation, towards improved treatments for patients with conditions of the bone, cartilage, tendons, meniscus, and muscles. The centre aims to develop understanding of musculoskeletal diseases, including osteoarthritis, non-union of fracture, osteoporosis, tendinopathy, sarcopenia and other diseases in musculoskeletal system and advance research in stem cell biology, including stem cell lineage commitment (embryonic stem cells, cranial neural crest, mesenchymal stem cells, HSCs) and stem cell heterogeneity (mesenchymal stem cells). Centre members are committed to research translation to develop regenerative therapies for tendon, cartilage, cranial facial tissue regeneration (bone, cranial suture) and translate biomedical discoveries to clinical trials.  ZJE: Wenwen Huang, Yuan Yuan, Hongwei Ouyang, Xiao Chen, Di Chen, Qianting Zhang, Xie Xin Affiliated: David Hay, Till Bachmann, Yuanyuan.Partners: SAHZU, UoE and ZJU; ZJUI, Innovation centers on Intl. campus, Medical School in ZJU, Yiwu Metabolic Medicine Center, ZJU affiliated hospitals. 
  • BSI

    Centre for Biomedical Systems and Informatics (BSI)

    Convenors: Chaochen Wang, TBD

    The Centre for Systems Bology and Data science will use systems biology approaches to address pressing biomedical challenges including immune-related diseases, cancer, metabolic diseases and infectious diseases. To benefit wider scientific community, the centre aims to develop methodologies, bioinformatics tools and databases for omics studies. By collaborating with other researchers and clinicians, we aim to identify biomarkers or therapeutic targets for developing novel tools in diagnosis, prognoses and therapeutics. The centre plans to establish experimental platforms for multi-omics studies, build up novel theories or models in genetics/ epigenomics and apply them in studying stem cell/development/cancer/immunology within the centre and/or by collaborating with other centres and the affiliated hospitals and industry partners.ZJE: Chaochen Wang, Wanlu Liu, Xianghua Li, Zhaoyuan Fang, Hugo Carlos Samano Sanchez, Weiwei Qiu Affiliated: Robert Young, Nicola Romano, Gedi Luksys, Duncan MacGregor,Partners: Prospective: Centre for Systems Biology at UoE, Max Planck Institute of Computational Biology CAS, Departments of Biostatistics/Computational Medicine in UCLA and Systems Biology Center in NIH, Dian Diagnostics, SAHZU, UoE and ZJU Medical Schools 
  • IIC

    Centre for Infection Immunity and Cancer (IIC)

    Convenors: Aaron Irving & Jian Liu

    The Centre for Infection Immunity and Cancer CIIC is a disease-oriented centre that will apply experimental medicine for human disease to facilitate bench-to-bedside medicine. The centre will focus on health and disease across the whole human body applying investigations of systemic diseases, multi-tissue models and multi-omits for the disease related Cancer & Immunity. The centre will investigate organ-specific diseases (across the whole human), the systemic links between organs and how immune cross-talk correlates to pathophysiology in the hope of alleviating both infection and disease. The centre will use pre-clinical models with an immune & cancer focus and develop models with broad applications across ZJE and various university and clinical partners. There will be a strong focus on comparative biology, spatial genomics and multi-omics coupled to development of computational tools for systemic comparisons. Models will including in vivo animal models of lung cancer & immunity, in vivo lentivirus intranasal/intra-oral delivery and immuno-stimulatory PRR mouse models for inflammation. The centre will develop stronger links with the core animal facility in the development of these models and offer them for collaborators (service-based). ZJE: Aaron Irving, Jian Liu, James Wang, Sue Welburn, Yuehai Ke, Hugo Samano, Dmytro ShytikovAffiliated: Linrong Lu, Xin Xie, Chaochen Wang, Kuan Yoow Chan, Wei Guo, Zhaoyuan Fang, Stijn van Der Veen, Wanlu Liu, Richard Sloan, Jürgen Haas, Till Bachmann, Vasso MakrantoniPartners: SAHZU, UoE and ZJU Medical Schools