ZJE core facility website:

    The Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute Core Facility (hereinafter referred to as ZJE Core Facility), established in 2018 and officially launched on January 1, 2021, aims to provide technical support and testing services for scientific research and talent development for ZJE and its units on campus. It is also open to the community in Haining City and its surrounding areas. Currently, the ZJE Core Facility has developed into 5 cores: FACS core, imaging core, biochemistry core, histology core, and bioinformatics core. Each core is guided by knowledgeable PIs and managed by skilled technicians to maintain the equipment. Additionally, the Institute has established a ZJE Core Facility Committee to provide expert consultation for platform construction and development.

    Our FACS core is equipped with 4 devices: ACEA NovoCyte Flow Cytometer, Cytek Aurora Flow Cytometry, BD FACSMelody Cell Sorter, and BD Influx Cell Sorter. We offer services such as multiparametric analysis, cell sorting, and bacterial sorting.

    For the imaging core, we have Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal Microscope, Nikon CWU-1 Spinning Disk Microscope, High-Content Imaging System IXM-C, Fluoca-Olympus TIRF microscope, and other instruments. These can meet the requirements of multi-channel fluorescence imaging, high-resolution imaging, 3Dreconstruction, FREP, FERT, live cell imaging, and Tile scan.

    Our biochemistry core has more than 20 instruments, including Photon Imagertm Optima, Rad Source Irradiators RS2000pro-225, Seahorse XFe-96, GE AKTA Pure, etc. We can provide basic biochemical experimental services to users.

    The histology core is equipped with instruments such as HistoCore Pearl, Leica Cryostat Microtome, Leica RM2235 Paraffin Microtome, and 3D Histech MIDI Pannoramic Scanner. These instruments can meet users’ experimental requirements of sample collection, sample preparation, slide preparation, and result analysis.