ZJE teaching laboratory consists of 6 laboratories, 12 matching rooms, and 642 sets of apparatus which worth about 2.86 million yuan. These apparatus including power lab physiological recorder, Olympus ckx53 fluorescence inverted microscope, Eppendorf 5810R centrifuge, TECAN F50 spectrophotometer, Thermofisher ultra-low temperature refrigerator, biosafety cabinet, ultra-clean workbench and slicer, etc.. Students can conduct physiology, histology, molecular genetics, microbial immunology and infectious diseases related experiments. In the 2018-2019 academic year, 25 faculties participate in experimental teaching, 25 (100%) of them have doctoral degree, 7 (28%) own intermediate title and 18 (72%) with associate senior or above title. At present, 2 technicians directly participate in experimental teaching.

    ZJE teaching laboratory is used for Biomedical Science and Biomedical informatics students to have practical class, which can accommodate up to 120 students. Practical class, as an important part of each course, is organically combined with lecture and tutorial class according to the biomedical training program. These practical include but are not limited to: