About Us

  • Yuehai KeDean

    Yuehai Ke   Dean

    Responsibilities:ZJE overall operation, including: strategy and development, development of discipline, faculty recruitment and career development, financial management, space resource allocation, safety management . 

    Professor, Principal Investigator ,Department of Pathology and Pathophysiology, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

    National talent project winners and national young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, new century talents of the Ministry of education, leading talents of Zhejiang provincial talent plan, Zhejiang 151 project and other talent projects; It has won 100 excellent doctoral theses from the Ministry of education, national Baosteel excellent teachers, first prize of Natural Science in Zhejiang Province, special prize of teaching achievements in Zhejiang Province, special prize of educational achievements of Zhejiang Graduate Education Association, nomination award of Yongping teaching contribution award of Zhejiang University, first prize of high-quality teaching of Zhejiang University, etc.

    Research fields: lung injury and repair, regional immunity, inflammatory and cancer microenvironment, complex disease phenotype group research, etc. in recent years, he has successively won the 973 Program of the Ministry of science and technology, protein major, national key R & D program, etc. He has presided over five key and general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. the main representative research results are in science, cellresearch, J exp Med, J extract vectors, cell mol Immunol Nature communications and other academic journals.

  • Sue WelburnExecutive Dean

    Sue Welburn   Executive Dean

    Responsibilities: ZJE strategy and development, faculty recruitment and annual assessment, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, research affairs(including core facility and LAC management), international collaboration in research and translation, alumni network. 

    Professor Sue Welburn achieved her bachelors degree in Applied Biological Sciences from The University of the West of England in 1984. She started her academic career at the Tsetse Research Laboratories in Bristol, and obtained her PhD in 1991. She worked for several years at the University of Glasgow, before joining the University of Edinburgh in 2000.

    She established the Global Health Academy at The University of Edinburgh in 2009, which keys objectives are to offer world leading interdisciplinary postgraduate degrees to help combat global health challenges; engage in global collaborative research and participate and lead in the creation of global health networks and partnerships.

    Professor Welburn currently has projects in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and Tanzania, focusing on interventions for disease control.

    Her research has focused on the interactions between parasites and their vectors and hosts that lead to transmission of human sleeping sickness. This has involved a dissection of the mechanisms of innate resistance of vectors to parasite infections and the complex interactions between host, vector and parasite that result in parasite differentiation, disease transmission and epidemiology and control. Recent research has concentrated on the design and use of molecular diagnostic tools for the study and management of sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiasis, and integrated control methodologies for control of the Neglected Zoonoses. This has encompassed research ranging from ‘grass-roots’ fieldwork in Africa to laboratory-based dissection of the problems at the gene level.

  • Zhiguo YeVice Dean

    Zhiguo Ye   Vice Dean

    Responsibilities: Administration of ZJE, student affairs, undergraduate recruitment, assisting in financial management and space resource allocation. 

    Zhiguo Ye received his BA in clinical medicine and MA in physiology from Zhejiang University. He once worked as the experimenter of Zhejiang University school of medicine, the director of the ZJE administration office, and the deputy director of the office of general adminstration in International Campus, Zhejiang University. He has accumulated rich experience in party and government management.

  • Suhong XuVice Dean

    Suhong Xu   Vice Dean

    Responsibilities: local collaboration and research strategic plan,academic and innovative ecosystem, assisting in faculty recruitment and career development, international medical center initiatives.

    Dr. Xu Suhong is a Principale Investigator of Zhejiang University, a national high-level talent winner, outstanding youth and a specially-appointed expert in Zhejiang Province. He received a bachelor's degree from Wuhan University in 1999, a PhD degree from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2009, and performed postdoctoral training at the University of California, San Diego, USA. Dr. Xu move to Zhejiang University School of Basic Medicine in December 2015, established an independent laboratory focusing on tissue damage repair and regeneration. The laboratory mainly uses skin as a model to study the cellular and molecular biological mechanisms of epidermal sensation to damage, wound repair and remodeling. He has published research paper in decent scientific journals such as Developmental Cell, Nature Communications, PLoS Biology, Current Biology and so on. Current main academic positions: Deputy Director of the Developmental Biology Professional Committee of the Zoological Society of China, Member of the Developmental Biology Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Cell Biology, Member of the Youth Working Committee, JGG Editorial Board, etc.

  • Mikael BjorklundAssistant Dean

    Mikael Bjorklund   Assistant Dean

    Responsibilities: Assisting UoE postgraduate programme management and international faculty recruitment and career development

    Dr Mikael Bjorklund received his PhD in Biochemistry in 2004 from the University of Helsinki, Finland. He did his post-doctoral training also in Helsinki, implementing genome-scale approaches to his main research on cell growth. In 2009, Mikael started as a principal investigator in Scotland and obtained a prestigious Wellcome Trust Career Development fellowship to support his research. Mikael's main scientific interest is how metabolism and cell size impact cellular fitness and functions and how these are linked to initiation and disease progression in cancers and other metabolic diseases. 

  • Di ChenAssistant Dean

    Di Chen   Assistant Dean

    Responsibilities: Assisting undergraduate programme management.

    Dr. Di Chen completed his PhD degree in Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Then he continued as a postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), focusing on the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. His lab focuses on the regulatory mechanisms of the differentiation potentials of human embryonic stem cells, especially post-transcriptional regulation mediated by RNA-binding proteins and mRNA modifications.

  • Wanlu LiuAssistant Dean

    Wanlu Liu   Assistant Dean

    Responsibilities: Assisting research affairs management.

    Dr. Wanlu Liu completed her PhD degree at University of California, Los Angeles. Then she worked as postdoctoral research associate in University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, co-mentored by Dr. Steven E. Jacobsen and Dr. Amander T. Clark. Her research focuses on studying epigenetics mechanisms in gene regulation and developing tools for epigenome targeting.

  • Jie ZhouAssistant Dean

    Jie Zhou   Assistant Dean

    Responsibilities: Assisting postgraduate programme management.