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Launch Ceremony of “Future Talent Cultivation Plan in BMS”


The official launch of “Future Talent Cultivation Plan in BMS” took place at the International Campus on 7 November 2017. The scheme is jointly run by China Science and Technology Museum(CSTM), ZJU-UoE Institute and Scientific American. 

Director of CSTM-Mr. Hao Yin, the Vice Director-Ms. Hong Liao, the Dean of ZJU-UoE Institute-Prof. Hongwei Ouyang, the Vice Dean-Ms. Ye Chen, the Vice Dean of School of Basic Medicine, Zhejiang University-Prof. Wei Yang, the Director of Scientific American-Mr. Zongzhou Chen, the Vice Director-Ms. Fang Liu and 10 representatives from the regional science and technology museum and 21 high schools were all in attendance. The ceremony was hosted by Ms. Hong Liao, the Vice Director of CSTM.


After the ceremony, Prof. Hongwei Ouyang, the Dean of ZJU-UoE Institute spoke about Biomedical Future Talent Cultivation. He welcomed everyone to the International Campus, describing it as the strategic education base of Zhejiang University, which aims to foster future, global leaders. He also spoke of the success of biomedical sciences, which has allowed some of the biggest breakthroughs and milestones in human history including the development of new treatments of disease. He finished by saying that he predicts the biomedical sciences field will be the one of most significant industries for social development in future years.


One of the most important parts of the Cultivation Plan, is The Discovering Future Leaders in BMS Competition, which has been running for the past three years, and has attracted hundreds of student applications. This year, the competition winners will visit the International Campus as part of their prize. For updates on the application dates, follow the website: http://bms.zju.edu.cn/bms-leader/.