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Class of 2022 examination exemption students—A bright report card


This time, ZJEers are using our strengths to illustrate excellence!

Recently, major universities in China announced the proposed admission list of examination exemption students,and the students of the Class of 2022 who were granted guaranteed admission to Zhejiang University and University of Edinburgh Institute have achieved great results. All 20 students recommended by our institute were accepted by top universities in China without examination. Admissions include Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiao Tong university.19 of them were directly admitted to PhD and one was a”2+2” Master in Civic Studies from Zhejiang University, the admission rate for PhD programme is 95%.

What’s more, ZJE opened a Bioinformatics(BMI) program in 2018, and the acceptance rate of this first Bioinformatics program for doctoral candidates was as high as 100%.


“A broad view of the world and a thick accumulation of ideas”, getting the opportunity to become exam-exempted students is a long way to go, and it takes a lot of hard work to build up. During their time at ZJE, these 20 students have faced challenges head-on and have worked hard to become professionally outstanding, fluent in English, independent thinkers with an international perspective and a multidisciplinary background. This makes them stand out in the highly competitive professional interviews and highly sought after by top schools.


Examination Exemption Students’ Message for all ZJEers


Yuwei He

Planning is very important. Clear and firm goals can greatly improve the motivation.


Moming Guo

It's normal to meet confusion in life. Don't worry too much. If you have something you want to do, think clearly and do it.


Zeen Xu

On the road of life, there are always many choices. The most important thing is to prepare early, seize as many opportunities as possible and give yourself more options to find the most suitable way for yourself.Hope you can broaden your horizons, clarify goals and seize opportunities. All roads lead to Rome!


Jiayi Shen

We must combine work and rest. Learn to relax, communicate with family and friends, and adjust your state. Health is the most important!


Behind every glory, there is day and night work and tireless perseverance. We hope that every ZJEer will follow the example of these outstanding seniors and always look forward to working hard. Seize the day and live it to the fullest. Carve out a wonderful life of your own!