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Why choose ZJE for PhD


Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJE)  is a collaboration in the field of Biomedical Sciences between Zhejiang University of China and The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Relying on the institute advantages and cultural heritage of two universities, ZJE brings together world-class teachers and scientific research forces to attract outstanding students from all over the world and cultivate biomedical talents with excellent knowledge, innovative spirit, and international vision. ZJE now has four postgraduate programmes: dual degree PhD programme, UoE degree PhD programme, UoE degree MSc programme, ZJU degree MSc programme.


We interviewed 7 PhD students, and they talked about their initial reasons for choosing ZJE and their feelings of learning and living now:



Jiayan Wu

Undergraduate school and major: Zhejiang University of Technology/ Green pharmaceutical

Doctoral supervisor and major: Prof. Linrong Lu / cell biology

Why you choose ZJE?

The biggest reason is that I came to my mentor in admiration. Also ZJE provides dual degree for students; The laboratory working environment is very comfortable (suitable for vlog shooting); The buildings in the campus are very beautiful; Don't worry about losing the badminton court; There are many vacancies in the library and the environment is comfortable; The supporting facilities of the single room in the academy are very good and the design is very reasonable; The gym in residential college is also very good (although I have only been there a few times). In short, the academic atmosphere is great, and the hardware facilities are also great!


Jingyuan Chen

Undergraduate school and major: University of Manchester/Finance (Bsc, Msc)

Doctoral supervisor and major: Dr. Mikael Bjorklund/Cell Biology

Why you choose ZJE?

I have decided to pursue my PhD study in ZJE for several main reasons. First, ZJE is an international collaborative institute established by two of the world-class universities. Beyond the reputation, it has combined the resources from both universities such as sharing on teaching staff. More importantly, all the courses are taught in English, this is more suitable for me. Secondly, the dual degree programme is really great as it is verified by both ZJU and UoE which means we receive two valid certificates with much less cost. Finally, the well-kept environment makes the campus stand out as one of the most comfortable campuses in China.


Teng Wang

Undergraduate school and major: Zhejiang University of Technology/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Doctoral supervisor and major: Dr. Chaochen Wang/Cell Biology

Why you choose ZJE?

The most important thing is I found my favorite supervisor and ideal research direction in ZJE. Also I can be awarded the dual doctoral degrees of Zhejiang University and University of Edinburgh at the same time after I finish my study here, which is very attractive to me. It is equivalent to that I can spend the same time to obtain the doctoral degrees of two world-class universities and enjoy the educational resources of the two universities, which is conducive to my personal growth and future development; Secondly, my undergraduate major adopted bilingual teaching and small class management. 80% of the core courses were taught in English, so I'm used to such training mode, and I don't want to waste the advantages brought by undergraduate training; The third is that I once had an experience of visiting the University of California, San Diego in my sophomore summer. I have a certain longing for the foreign educational environment, and ZJE can provide me with a similar educational environment, which makes me more determined to choose to study in ZJE. Although my undergraduate course is pharmacy, I prefer biomedical experiments. ZJE's good biomedical experimental environment and strong biomedical background also attract me. Finally, it is also a coincidence to choose to study in ZJE. Thanks to my senior for her guidance and recommendation, so I also hope more people can know more about ZJE and join the big family of ZJE.


Qizhe Shao

Undergraduate school and major: Zhejiang University / Biomedical Science

Doctoral supervisor and major: Dr. Di Chen / Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Why you choose ZJE?

1. First, I met a great supervisor. Dr. Chen is not only an excellent researcher, but also a very charming life mentor. He has been very helpful to me in scientific research and life. Stem cells and regenerative medicine are my favorite research directions, and I also like the atmosphere of the laboratory very much. 

2. ZJE is a very good platform. ZJE has a strong scientific research atmosphere. Through the weekly ZJE symposium, we can understand the topics being done by the students around us, and can exchange progress with teachers and students, promote each other. At the biweekly ZJE Biomed-X research seminar, we can face-to-face contact with great experts in various fields of biomedicine, broaden our scientific vision and appreciate the charm of scientific research.

3. ZJE's scientific research platform has been gradually improved and managed in an orderly manner. We can arrange our own experiments well. Platform technology and management personnel are also very nice.

4. The campus environment is very beautiful. The accommodation and diet are very good, and various facilities are also very complete, which makes people feel happy.


Caitlin Butala

Undergraduate school and major:Illinois State University, BS in Anthropology

Doctoral supervisor and major :Prof. Susan Welburn/Biomedical Sciences

Why you choose ZJE?

Joining ZJE provided an opportunity to work with leaders in the field of Neglected Tropical Diseases while having the benefit of the Dual Award PhD. At the end of my time here I will have two PhDs from two top universities, valuable experience in research, connections with professors from around the globe, and memories of my life in China.  Studying at ZJE has also been a great opportunity to interact with faculty from all disciplines and find cross institute collaborations.


Long Ma

Postgraduate school and major:Zunyi Medical University/immunology

Doctoral supervisor and major :Dr. Sebastian Leptihn/ Biochemistry and molecular biology

Why you choose ZJE?

When I first came to International Campus, I was attracted by the beautiful campus when I got off the school bus.

When I first entered the research group laboratory, my supervisor took me around the whole ZJE building, introduced every teacher and student I met, and introduced the design and planning of Leptihn lab and experimental platform. I had a deep sense of belonging in one morning.

When I checked in at the residential college for the first time, the housekeeper gave warm help and guidance, spacious and bright public rest area, and warm single room, gave me the warmth of going home; The reading room, gym, discussion room, recording room, study room and multi-function room on the first floor of the residential college exceeded my expectations for accommodation.

From the first time I came to ZJE, I decided to finish my doctoral study here. In the past two years, the discussion with my supervisor, the academic seminar series, the group exchanges every Friday, the poster exhibition every academic year, the annual academic conference, etc., I have felt a strong academic atmosphere and expanded my horizons.




Undergraduate school and major:Corban University, USA-Biology Education(B.Sc.) & Chongqing University, China-Biomedical Engineering (M.Eng.)

Doctoral supervisor and major :Dr. Mikael Bjorklund /Cell Biology

Why you choose ZJE?

Located in the developing Haining International Campus, ZJE provides an excellent research platform and the academic environment from two world-class universities: the University of Edinburgh (UoE) and Zhejiang University (ZJU). 

Before attending ZJE, the Dual Ph.D. program piqued my interest since this program allows us to obtain 2 degrees from both universities. Once enrolled in the program, I enjoyed my research life here. The classes provided broadened my perspective as an aspiring scientist. My supervisor is supportive and constructive in providing feedback for the progression of my project. The core facilities have top-notch research instruments and very supportive staff who are always ready to help us when we encounter problems in using the instruments. 

ZJE also holds timely seminars delivered by renowned scientists from all over China. Joining this program also qualifies me to utilize academic and non-academic resources from UoE and ZJU. Although I am staying in ZJU, I can apply to join various workshops and professional development programs offered by UoE as well. ZJE is an excellent and conducive incubator for me to be a better scientist.