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The 2023 ZJE Autumn Trail Walk & International Campus Festival Walking successfully held


On this beautiful autumn day, with a gentle breeze in the air,

People gathered together,creating an atmosphere so rare.

Laughing and singing, walking solidly,

The energetic ZJE Autumn Trail Walk & International Campus Festival Walkingis underway as promised.

From diverse colleges and age groups, over 200 students and teachers strong,

Forming 20 teams, they actively joined along.

"Build the Asian Games dream together, keep moving forward."

After the soaring slogans, the chapter of Trailwalking was officially opened.

On the way forward.

Some people walk leisurely and comfortably;

Some people walk like a dragon and gallop like a tiger.

Each step is the footsteps of chasing the dream.

Intertwined into a colorful picture scroll.

It outlines the style and posture of each of the Trailwalkers.



Laughter and working together.

The process of putting the game together is like a wonderful ensemble.

Each participant cooperates with each other

Playing the melody of the game together.

Each cooperation is a collision of hearts.

It constitutes a colorful picture.


The end is the starting point. After all the team members arrive, each team member will usher in their glory momentgetting an honorary certificate and exclusive souvenir. This prize left a mark of perseverance, but also a precious reward for perseverance and effort. At the last moment of the Yi line, the strength of unity and the perseverance of perseverance are surging like a tide, drawing a successful end to this magnificent journey.