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2023 ZJE Welcome Ceremony for new-coming students


In the bloom of youth, just like our esteemed schoolmates, we bid farewell to the fervent summer and embrace the resolute spirit of autumn. On September 21st, 144 undergraduate students, 56 master's students, and 27 doctoral students from all corners of the world gathered at Zhejiang University's Haining International Campus. With hearts brimming with excitement and joy, we set forth on our journey, riding the waves and pursuing our dreams, as we set sail towards a brighter future.

At 6:30 in the afternoon, the ZJE2023 Freshmen Welcome Ceremony commenced with the melodic chorus of "China in Lights." In attendance at this momentous and heartfelt event were Li Hanying, Dean and Deputy Party Secretary of ZJE (Haining International Campus), Mike Shipston, Dean of the College of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, Ke Yuehai, Director of ZJE, and Sue Welburn, Executive Director of ZJE. Also present were Qu Lijuan, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Dean, Wu Jian, Vice Dean, department leaders from the campus, faculty members from ZJE, representative parents of the freshmen, and esteemed teachers from the University of Edinburgh. Together, they bore witness to this solemn and heartwarming occasion, marking the beginning of the journey for the Class of 2023.

First to address the audience was Li Hanying, Dean of ZJE. He urged the students to inherit the illustrious tradition of Zhejiang University, adhere to the motto of "Seeking Truth and Pioneering Innovation," embody the spirit of ZJU in "Building Our Nation," cultivate a strong sense of patriotism, and strive to create more possibilities for themselves. He encouraged them to become individuals who can make positive contributions to the development of humanity.

Mike Shipston, Dean of the College of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, emphasized the importance of finding one's passion and wholeheartedly immersing oneself in it. He assured the students that the teachers at ZJE would wholeheartedly provide support and assistance along their journey. He encouraged them to work diligently, take care of themselves, and embark on this new adventure with joy.

Sue Welburn, Executive Director of ZJE, expressed that ZJE is envisioning a new blueprint for biomedical sciences and technology in both China and the UK. She hoped that as members of ZJE, the students would continue moving forward, living with integrity, and becoming honest, kind, and compassionate individuals.

Ke Yuehai, Director of ZJE, extended a warm welcome to the Class of 2023. He expressed gratitude to the parents, friends, and teachers who have accompanied, encouraged, nurtured, and achieved these students. Ke Yuehai expressed his expectations that the students would grow happily, develop comprehensive skills in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and aesthetics, and become global citizens with empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility.

Together, all faculty and students will contribute their efforts to illuminate the crystal ball of embarkation and sound the horn for the new stage.We sincerely wish each student finds their passion at this new starting point and journey, and may they encounter the best versions of themselves here!

Representing the undergraduate students, Wu Yuxin from the field of bioinformatics delivered a lighthearted and humorous speech. She expressed her anticipation and joy upon entering ZJE, promising to quickly adapt to the new university life, embrace the sun, and embark on a youthful voyage.

Representing the postgraduate students, Chen Yongyang, a single-degree Master's student from the University of Edinburgh, delivered a powerful speech. He vowed to persevere with unwavering determination, dedicate himself to the field of biomedical sciences with a global perspective, and stand shoulder to shoulder with people around the world in the fight against diseases.

As the parent representative, the father of Lin Kexin, a student majoring in Biomedical Sciences from the ZJE Class of 2023, expressed warm congratulations to the students for realizing their dreams at ZJE. He eagerly anticipated seeing the charm and responsibility of Chinese youth showcased on a broader stage in the future.

Student representatives, Nie Xinmiao, Qi Hengxin, Chai Yihan, and Yao Yifei, solemnly pledged their commitment to strive for research that improves human health and benefits society. With this momentous oath, the students officially embarked on a new, arduous, and colorful journey.

Amidst the gaze of the audience and the enthusiastic applause, the talented ZJEers delighted everyone with a splendid audio-visual feast. The soul-stirring performance of the violin, the lingering beauty of the vocals, and the vibrant dances propelled the atmosphere of the welcome ceremony to its peak.

The school anthem, "Da Bu Zi Duo," took center stage as all faculty and students joined in a heartwarming chorus, concluding the welcome ceremony. Just as the lyrics of the school anthem say, "Knowledge encompassing both the past and the present, the epitome of wisdom, the key to success, strong like refined gold." This reflects not only the expectations of ZJEers but also the declaration of ZJE. May the students blossom amidst a multitude of flowers, with hearts set on limitless horizons, rising to become outstanding talents with comprehensive knowledge in the field of biology, bridging Eastern and Western traditions.