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Visiting the Road of Western Relocation, Pursuing the Literary Lineage of Biomedicine -- ZJE2024 Meitan Trip


Teachers and students from the Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute meticulously planned an inspiring training trip from 10th to 12th January 2024. The purpose of this trip was to allow the teachers and students to deeply explore the history of Zhejiang University's westward relocation, trace the cultural lineage of biomedicine, and imbibe the unparalleled spirit of pragmatism from it.

Amidst historical relics, teachers and students felt the hardships and resilience of Zhejiang University during the wartime. They witnessed how President Zhu Kezhen safeguarded academic order and supported progressive teachers and students in special period.

On 12th January, the teachers and students further explored the history of Zhejiang University's westward relocation in Meitan County, visiting the Confucian Temple, the Catholic Church, the Wanshou Palace, and the Yongxing Ancient Town. The Meitan Confucian Temple has now become the Zhejiang University Westward Relocation History Museum, displaying the arduous journey and academic achievements of Zhejiang University's teachers and students during the special period. In Yongxing Ancient Town, the teachers and students felt the patriotic spirit and the profound friendship of Zhejiang University's teachers and students with the local people.

This training was not only a historical retrospection but also a reverent acknowledgement and continuation of our predecessors' academic heritage and earnest spirit. Carrying this legacy, they are committed to contributing to academic advancement and social development, ensuring this spirit of pragmatism shines brightly in the new era.