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17th iZJEer Talk: Developing New Quality Productive Forces in the Biomedical Field- Opportunities and Career Development


The 17th iZJEer Talk, was successfully held on the afternoon of April 2nd in Room 203 of the ZJE. The symposium featured guest speakers, Dr. Chen Xiaohua, Dr. Shao Hui, Dr. Chi Ying, and graduate student Chen Jingkai, along with over fifty students. They discussed the opportunities and challenges of developing new quality productive forces in the biomedical field and how students can adapt to the changing landscape. Vice Dean Ye Zhiguo of the ZJE moderated the event.

The symposium began by discussing new quality productive forces. Dr. Chen Xiaohua emphasized the importance of innovation and original technological breakthroughs for international leadership. Dr. Shao Hui showcased the benefits of technological innovation in finance. Dr. Chi Ying discussed AI applications in pharmaceuticals and the demand for interdisciplinary talents. Student Chen Jingkai shared his experience of interdisciplinary study. The discussions covered career opportunities, AI regulation in healthcare and finance, algorithmic decision risks, and black box models. The guests encouraged students to make the most of the collaboration between Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh, striving for excellence and creating social value in their respective fields.

iZJEer Talk is a flagship symposium event established by the ZJE in 2022. It brings together scholars, professors, and students for insightful discussions, offering a platform for diverse knowledge exchange and in-depth analysis of industry trends. The event aims to foster forward-looking ideas and distinctive perspectives, empowering faculty and students in their research endeavours and career development.