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Academic Exchange Events @ Europe and USA


ZJE delegation held several academic exchange activities from 11 May to 22 May 2024 at Zurich, Heidelberg, London, Cambridge and San Diego, where the team gave an introduction on ZJE,Medicine disciplinary endeavors and academic position opportunities at Zhejiang University. More than 150 young scholars participated in the events and enjoyed discussions and consultations. Through these events, we explored feasibleways to reach out overseas young scholars who are interested in biomedical sciences and promoted ZJE accordingly. We will continue to strengthen our bonds with young scholars and improve our academic recruitment policies. We look forward to working together with more scholars over the world to create a better future for human being. 

Meanwhile, ZJE delegation met and had in-depth discussions with our alumni through the events. The alumni showed a firm commitment to and will keep beingactive participants in the development and promotion of ZJE. 





San Diego