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    At ZJE, our sights are set high. We aim to provide world-class teaching and research facilities; while training the future leaders in the fields of biomedical science and biomedical informatics. Many of our students will go on to create pioneering research which takes on real-life, global health issues.


    Your donation could help:


    • Fund necessary scholarships – we believe in providing quality education to the brightest minds: no matter what their circumstances. Scholarships are awarded on an individual basis to students who have huge academic potential.

    • Enable life-changing research – we aim to be at the cutting edge of modern biomedical sciences. Your money could help fund new research projects, which make real-life differences.

    • Fund overseas practical exchanges – we understand the importance of a global outlook for all our students. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to complete a period of research at various partner labs across the globe. Your donations could help us reach even further.

    How do I get Involved?


    There are many ways to donate to the Institute:


    If you would like to help our campus, please contact for more information.