International applicants: 200,000 RMB / academic year


    Chinese mainland applicants: 160,000 RMB / academic year


    Accommodation costs: 8,000 RMB—10,000RMB / academic year


    *It normally takes four years to complete our Undergraduate programmes. Fees are usually waived for students who are awarded a scholarship. Please note that there will be an 800 RMB application fee for all applicants after your application has been successful.




    Only applicants who have accepted their place on the programme will be considered for scholarship. You should first make an application for the programme of your choice using 'apply now' and indicate within your application you would like to be considered for a scholarship.


    We consider all applications on an individual basis. Scholarships are awarded to applicants who have accepted their offer, based on qualifications, personal statement, and references. The amount given for scholarship will be decided by the Executive Committee of ZJE.

    The Institute offers three types of scholarship support: Undergraduate Scholarship, Academic Scholarship and Overseas Scholarship.

    -Undergraduate Scholarship

    There are three rates for tuition fee waivers:

    A - 200,000 RMB waiver/year for 4 years (full fee waiver of all tuition fees)

    B - 140,000 RMB waiver/year for 4 years (student contribution 60,000 RMB/year)

    C - 80,000 RMB waiver/year for 4 years (student contribution 120,000 RMB/year)

    D - 40,000 RMB waiver/year for 4 years (student contribution 160,000 RMB/year)

    Academic Scholarship and Overseas Scholarship will be awarded during University study.

    Duration: 4 years (The scholarship will be reviewed and given on the condition that the student meets the requirements for satisfactory progress toward a degree and follows the rules of the ZJU-UoE Institute.)