The ZJU Degree MSc Programme of Zhejiang University-Edinburgh University Institute (ZJE) aims to cultivate students' experimental operation skills, project management strategies, scientific research writing and academic communication abilities. ZJE provides students with opportunities for in-depth research projects, and takes into account students' personal backgrounds and career plans. Relying on internship practice bases, the institute implements a full-chain practice talent training model and also provides students with the opportunity to design personalized learning plans, enhancing students' comprehensive abilities in all aspects.

    The ZJU degree PhD Programme of ZJE is designed to train students to be effective research scientists. Students are based in a research group and undertake a research project agreed with the principal investigator (supervisor). In addition to developing deep knowledge of a subject area and a broader understanding of the relevant field, students will develop skills in time, data and resource management, collaborative and interpersonal professional behaviour, designing and executing experiments, the critical evaluation of current research and research techniques and methodologies and self-direction and originality in tackling and solving problems.




    ZJE adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating morality and talents. The institute attaches great importance to the construction of teacher ethics and professional ethics, and aims to cultivate top-notch life science and basic medicine talents with comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics, labor, and global competitiveness.


    One to one supervision

    Students are expected to have regular (usually weekly) informal meetings with their supervisor. Each research group also typically has a weekly lab meeting in which the student is expected to take part in presentations of research data and in journal clubs.


    In the first year of study a compulsory advanced techniques series of lectures provides a wide exposure to a range of methodologies available in Biology and Basic Medicine.

    Posters and Presentations

    In the second year, students present their research work on Poster Day.


    How to apply

    Applications for this joint programme should be made directly to Zhejiang University.


    l Applying for this programme (Mainland China Students)(ZJU MSc Programme Application Link) & (ZJU PhD Programme Application link) 

    l Applying for this programme (International Students)(ZJU MSc Programme Application Link) & (ZJU PhD Programme Application link) 

    l Applying for this programme (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Students)(ZJU MSc Programme Application Link) & (ZJU PhD Programme Application link)

    Start date: September


    Phone: +86 (0) 571 8757 2821



    Zhejiang University, International Campus

    A110, Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute

    718 East Haizhou Road, Haining

    Zhejiang province

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